When teeth have decayed areas, the spots of decay need to be cleaned out and filled with a material that can withstand the environment of the mouth. There are several types of dental filling materials available on the market today. At Bencaz Family Dentistry, we choose the best dental filling material for your unique situation.

Filling materials have evolved considerably over the years in general dentistry. At one time, only silver fillings were available, then tooth-colored epoxies were created to make anterior teeth look better when filled. Silver amalgam has been the standard for filling back teeth for decades due to its strength and durability. However, with high-tech advancements, tooth-colored resins are now nearly as durable and definitely more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings.

The composite resins used in dental practices today are strong and durable for most applications. They are made to look and feel like your natural teeth. Unlike metal fillings, which require tooth preparation that affects solid tooth structure, composite resins are designed to bond with your tooth structure. This means that less of your healthy tooth is lost in the process. Only the decayed areas of the teeth are removed. Once those areas are sufficiently cleaned out, the resin is placed in the cavity. Excess material is cleaned off and the filling is smoothed and polished. The end result is a filling that blends in so perfectly with your natural tooth, you cannot tell where the cavity was.

Larger fillings may require a technique that uses a blue light to harden the resin. These cavities are filled in layers with the light being applied to each layer to make sure the resin is hardened properly. This method provides a strong, durable filling that blends in with the natural tooth. When natural-colored fillings are used to fill in cavities, the result is the restoration of your winning smile.

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