How Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Better Than Metal?

Posted by Evan Morse Apr 28, 2023

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Tooth-colored fillings are a restorative dentistry treatment used to fix minor cavities and damage in your teeth. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, which are dark in color, tooth-colored fillings match the color of your natural teeth. This makes them less noticeable to others and improves your overall appearance.

If you have a cavity or chips and cracks in your tooth enamel that need to be addressed, at College Family Dentistry, our dentist can help restore your smile using a tooth-colored filling. Our dentist can remove areas of decay and fill the space with composite resin, which is hardened with a curing light to bond to the tooth and correct the damage permanently. This is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal discomfort.

How Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Different From Metal Fillings?

Traditional metal fillings can be noticeable, especially when placing a more extensive filling in a more visible mouth area. In addition to aesthetics, metal fillings have certain drawbacks regarding function. The edges of the metal filling can crack over time, allowing bacteria to leak in and cause decay in the tooth below the filling. With advances in cosmetic dentistry and material science, there are now more options for natural-looking restorations that are both attractive and functional. These include tooth-colored composite resin or porcelain inlays. These materials can be created to match the color of a patient’s natural teeth and are more compatible with the human body than metal. They also blend seamlessly with the genuine smile for a completely natural look.

The Procedure for Tooth-Colored Fillings

After the tooth has been prepared, the composite resin is carefully applied in thin layers. Ultraviolet light is used to set the plastic resin and harden it. A power drill may also be used to speed up the process. Once the resin has been applied, the dentist will shape it to match the tooth's natural shape to complete the procedure.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many benefits are associated with tooth-colored fillings, making them a popular restorative dental treatment for cavity treatment. For example, they are made from composite resin material, which can be shaded to match the color of your teeth. This makes them nearly invisible when in place and almost impossible for others to see unless looking very closely at the filled area. Additionally, they do not require any removal of healthy tooth structure to place, and they are bonded to your tooth for improved strength compared to traditional metal fillings. Finally, they don’t expand or contract over time like metal ones do, so they will not cause pain due to that expansion.

Get in touch with College Family Dentistry at 4616 Concord Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, or call (225) 926-4640 if you need treatment for cavities or chips in your teeth. Tooth-Colored Fillings are a safe and attractive option to restore your smile.

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