Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge, LA

Family dentistry is the practice of dentistry that focuses on the oral health of families. A dentist who specializes in family dentistry can provide dental care to all of the members of a family, including children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

There are many advantages to choosing family dentistry. First of all, a family dentist offers the convenience of being able to schedule appointments for your entire family in the same place and even on the same day. This eliminates the stress of having to keep track of multiple appointments and losing track of when one needs to be scheduled. 

By bringing your family to one dentist, you'll save time and the hassle that comes with having to shuttle your family to different dental offices. You'll also be able to build a lasting, trusting relationship with the dentist and staff. This means you'll be more comfortable and at ease with coming for a checkup, cleaning, or other dental work.

Family Dentistry Treatments and Procedures

Family dentistry can address all of your family's dental needs. It includes quality preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments and procedures.

Preventative Dental Care

As your family dentist, we can help your smile and your family's smiles stay in great shape by preventing the onset of any dental problems and catching and treating any issues we notice before they become big problems. Our preventative dental care services include:

  • Bi-annual exams and cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants
  • Periodontal care
  • Sports mouthguards
  • Nightguards for teeth grinding
  • TMJ/TMD therapy
  • Oral hygiene instructions

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on treatments and procedures that improve the appearance of teeth, such as:

  • Composite fillings that are tooth-colored 
  • Porcelain veneers that cover the front surface of the tooth
  • Teeth whitening that brightens the color of the teeth

Restorative Dentistry Services

Restorative dentistry is a specific branch of dentistry that focuses on the restoration of teeth. Family dentists are trained in restorative procedures, including filling cavities and replacing missing teeth with dental appliances like dental crowns and bridges. 

Pediatric Dental Services

Children often have different needs than adults, so it is important to find a dentist who is experienced in dealing with children. A family dental practice can provide the necessary services to keep children's teeth healthy and establish the foundation for a lifetime of proper dental care.

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